A leading platform for the transition to fossil-free energy

Hydrogen Sweden is represented by over 120 Swedish companies and organizations from the entire hydrogen value chain. Together, we push the role of hydrogen in the energy and climate transition.

Hydrogen creates innovation, competitiveness and jobs

Renewable hydrogen has a central role for Sweden's energy and climate transition in industry, energy production, transport, agriculture, real estate and energy storage. Hydrogen Sweden supports and drives the transition to fossil-free through all sectors.

Thinks new, has courage and inspires

Hydrogen Sweden pushes decision-makers in energy policy and industry, spreads knowledge, inspires new thinking and daring.

Towards a green climate transition

Hydrogen will play a key role in the transition to a fossil-free future and zero emissions. The hydrogen industry is expected to generate hundreds of billions in investment and job opportunities throughout the value chain. Hydrogen Sweden is a leading platform for driving the development of hydrogen in Sweden.


Runs projects

Vätgas Sweden is involved and leads several future-oriented projects with a focus on hydrogen, in order to drive technology development, develop new business models and produce new knowledge. The projects are supported by, among other things, the EU, or Swedish investment support.


Spreading knowledge

We spread knowledge and inspiration to society through various channels such as webinars, podcasts, films, infographics and reports. Preferably more copy in this box to balance out better against the other boxes, alternatively that they get less text.


Building networks

We have an exciting and active network with partners from business, authorities and academia both globally and nationally. Our platform enables dialogue and conversation with partners who drive development towards a society without greenhouse gases.

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Through cooperation with actors from the business world, authorities and academia, we drive development towards a better climate.