Hydrogen projects

Vätgas Sverige has extensive experience in running national and international projects that drive hydrogen development forward. The projects are supported by, among others, the EU, or Swedish investment support.

H2moves Scandinavia

The purpose of the project was to increase the acceptance of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV). The project include implementation of FCEV’s in Scandinavia and the establishment of a hydrogen fuel station in Oslo. Vätgas Sverige was one of several partners in the project.

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Next Wave

The purpose of the project is to initiate the expansion of a large-scale hydrogen infrastructure for larger vehicles, buses and workmachines, while at the same time mapping how the infrastructure development needs to be done. The project is financed by Nordic Innovation and Vätgas Sverige, Norsk Hydrogenforum, Brintbranchen, VTT and Icelandic New Energy.

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BASREHERT – Baltic Sea Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Experts Round tables

The overall goal of the project is to create a multinational and cross-sectoral platform for cooperation, consisting of leading players in renewable energy and hydrogen technology to build a future solution for carbon dioxide and other climate pollution-free energy systems around the Baltic Sea area.

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Baltic Sea Region Hydrogen Council

The Baltic Sea Region Hydrogen Council is set to facilitate and accelerate shared hydrogen economy to contribute to the overall objectives of the EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region under the auspices of Swedish Institute.

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Nordic Hydrogen Corridor (NHC)

Nordic Hydrogen Corridor is a study with pilot deployment for the introduction of 8 new hydrogen refueling stations (HRS) to transition into a zero emission replacement of current fossil-based fuel, hydrogen production unit to produce renewable hydrogen, fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) produce only water vapor as emissions and clean the air while driving.

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Blue move for a Green Economy

A project within Interreg ÖKS to promote the production, distribution and use of hydrogen from renewable energy. Vätgas Sverige was one of several partners.

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Joint Initiative for Hydrogen Vehicles across Europe (JIVE2)

The purpose of the project is to promote the commercialization of fuel cell buses through large-scale expansion of vehicles and infrastructure so that fuel cell buses are commercially viable at the end of the project and that authorities have the basis to develop guidelines for public transport.

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