About Vätgas Sweden

Vätgas Sweden started as a national organization on January 1, 2007 with the aim of functioning as an initiator, coordinator and spreader of knowledge. The business is conducted in the form of a non-profit, politically unbound industry and membership organization. Our view of hydrogen’s role as an energy carrier is balanced and long-term. On behalf of our roughly 120 members, we work to promote the role of hydrogen gas in Sweden and spread knowledge.

We are a committed and experienced organizer who spreads knowledge in various channels such as lectures, events, conferences and digital channels. We have extensive experience in running both national and international hydrogen projects with the aim of developing business models for part or the entire hydrogen value chain.

We have an exciting, diversified and active network with partners from the business world, authorities and academia both globally and nationally.

Overall goals

Vätgas Sweden’s overall goals:

  • Promote hydrogen as an energy carrier in Sweden to support the Swedish innovation system for hydrogen and contribute to a sustainable development in industry and society, with lower emissions and more renewable energy and increased resilience.
  • To be the central hub for hydrogen issues in Sweden and to be a point of contact and Swedish coordinator in international contexts.
  • Together with the members, with joint forces, convey the potential of hydrogen use and to be the voice of hydrogen use in society. The board and the office work in consultation to best promote these purposes in long-term strategies and action plans.

Our vision

Make it H2appen!

We realize hydrogen’s full potential for Sweden’s sustainable future.

Our mission

Sweden’s leading platform in hydrogen gas – a diversity of players and experts. The knowledge carrier who with high integrity accelerates Swedish sustainable development and competitiveness.

Our members

We are a constantly growing association and now consist of over 120 members. Our members are represented in small and large companies, academia, regions and municipalities.

Our board

Our board consists of people with solid knowledge and experience in energy, business development, research, industrial operations, small and medium-sized enterprises, venture capital, entrepreneurship and leadership. What they all have in common is that they are passionate about the development of hydrogen.

Politics and society

Vätgas Sweden works to develop concrete proposals, writes and participates in a number of public consultation responses and other letters. We have an established collaboration with our members, where we jointly formulate views and messages in a number of referral responses. We have also contributed to extensive documentation for the national hydrogen strategy. Since 15 years ago, we have participated in Almedalen with our platform for hydrogen gas. We train and have a close dialogue with politicians from all parties and levels.