Nilsson Energy first in Sweden to offer an emission-free portable fuel cell generator

Nilsson Energy has signed a distribution agreement with the French company EODev (Energy Observer Developments) to sell GEH2® fuel cell generators on the Nordic market. The portable fuel cell generator provides unique opportunities wherever emission-free energy is needed.

Nilsson Energy is a system integrator that develops, designs, installs and services local energy systems with green hydrogen as an energy carrier. A fuel cell generator is a welcome addition to the existing product portfolio consisting of industrial applications, construction and property applications as well as applications for infrastructure in strategically important areas.

“The fuel cell generator is absolutely “state of the art” and we see enormous potential in being able to offer emission-free electricity wherever it is needed. In addition, we can supply it with green hydrogen and either sell, lease or rent it out, which further facilitates handling for our customers,” says Pontus Lundgren, CEO at Nilsson Energy.

With the sale of portable fuel cell generators, Nilsson Energy takes another step as a leading integrator of local hydrogen systems. Systems which play a significant role in the transition to a society with safe and secure access to renewable energy.

“Sweden is a particularly promising market for offering emission-free fuel cell generators and we are very happy to welcome Nilsson Energy to our distribution network. In Nilsson Energy we have found a serious partner with strong expertise in hydrogen and it is a highly motivated team that shares our commitment to providing excellent service to our customers,” says Stéphane Jardin, Chief Commercial Officer, EODev.

Read the entire press release from Nilsson Energy here.