Low-emission hydrogen production potential for massive growth by 2030

With announced projects indicating an annual production of 38 Mt, primarily from electrolysis and low-emission electricity or fossil fuels with carbon capture, the low-emission hydrogen production is expected to increase. China leads in electrolyser deployment, accounting for a significant portion of global capacity. This according to the Global Hydrogen Review 2023, an annual publication by […]

The delegated act on additionality has finally been adopted

The European Commission has finally published the delegated act on additionality. The definition is the key to determining that the proposed targets of the Renewable Energy Directive are being met. Goals that would make industrial and transport sectors gradually replace grey hydrogen with green hydrogen and create new markets. It has taken over three years […]

Everfuel starts production of green hydrogen at Europe’s largest electrolyser, Hysynergy, Fredericia, Denmark

Herning, Denmark, December 16, 2022 – Everfuel A/S is pleased to announce the production of its hydrogen gas at HySynergy. The initial volumes produced today at Europe’s largest electrolyser represent an important milestone towards the commercialization of green hydrogen as a clean energy source for industry and mobility. The hydrogen was produced from the first […]

Nilsson Energy first in Sweden to offer an emission-free portable fuel cell generator

Nilsson Energy has signed a distribution agreement with the French company EODev (Energy Observer Developments) to sell GEH2® fuel cell generators on the Nordic market. The portable fuel cell generator provides unique opportunities wherever emission-free energy is needed. Nilsson Energy is a system integrator that develops, designs, installs and services local energy systems with green […]