Southern Lights Launches Green Ammonia Feature to Revolutionize Green Hydrogen Project Management

Stockholm, 12 June 2024

Southern Lights, a leading SaaS greentech company specializing in software solutions for green hydrogen and Power-to-X project design and business development, is excited to announce the launch of its new Green Ammonia feature. This innovative addition streamlines design and optimization processes, enhances productivity, and drives competitiveness for energy companies navigating the complexities of green hydrogen and Power-to-X projects, particularly those aiming to move forward with Green Ammonia projects.

The design of Green Ammonia production, which is essential in the transition to sustainable energy and one of the most relevant off-take opportunities for hydrogen developers, is now seamlessly integrated into our platform. This feature empowers users to efficiently design the complexities of green ammonia production when coupled to green hydrogen systems, further enhancing the capabilities and competitiveness of Southern Lights’ users.

Solving Industry Challenges

Energy companies face significant hurdles already in early stages of their green hydrogen projects, including high costs, cumbersome processes, and the involvement of numerous external stakeholders at a stage where the project is green, risk is high and budget is limited. These challenges often lead to delays, increased expenses, and a loss of competitiveness to adapt fast enough to changes in the off-take, regulatory conditions or commercial setup of the project. Southern Lights addresses these issues by offering a solution that simplifies business development and conceptual design, making processes more transparent, efficient, and easier to manage.

Key Benefits of the Green Ammonia Feature:

  1. Streamlined Processes: Simplifies the workflow involved in green ammonia projects, reducing time and cost for conceptual design, business model and feasibility reporting.
  2. Transparency and Precision: Ensures clear, transparent, and auditable techno-economic calculations and data visualization tailored for development, minimizing the risk of errors.
  3. Enhanced Decision-Making: Provides comprehensive data and insights, enabling faster and more informed decisions from scratch to mature stages of the project.
  4. Agility in Project Management: Allows internal teams to internalize speed and reliability, and to react swiftly to project changes, enhancing competitiveness in a dynamic market.
  5. Risk Mitigation: De-risks project decision making by providing a robust and transparent framework for all internal and external stakeholders like banks, engineering companies, consultants and off-takers.

Empowering Energy Companies

Our software is not just a tool but a comprehensive solution tailored for business development in the energy industry. It combines advanced technical models with user-friendly interfaces tailored for decision making, rendering it easy for companies to optimize their projects for maximum profitability. With the Green Ammonia feature, we continue to support our customers in achieving their sustainability goals while maintaining a competitive edge.

About Southern Lights

Southern Lights is a pioneering SaaS greentech company from Sweden dedicated to providing cutting-edge software solutions for green hydrogen, green ammonia and Power-to-X project development. Founded by industry experts, our mission is to accelerate the green hydrogen transition by offering tools that enable faster, more informed decision-making and leveraging technology as a competitive advantage.

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