Baltic Sea Region Hydrogen Council


The Baltic Sea Region Hydrogen Council aims to bring together representatives from industries throughout the hydrogen value chain to unlock the potential of hydrogen development in Baltic Sea Region and Ukraine.

The project intends to support the energy sector, industry and transports in bringing low carbon hydrogen solutions from niche to scale in the Baltic Sea Region and Ukraine, in their efforts to seek energy security and carbon emission reduction. The ultimate goal is to develop hydrogen economy and markets that work optimally both from the technical, economic and environmental perspectives across country borders. 

Cooperation is key

The Baltic Sea Region Hydrogen Council council will serve as a platform to support the collaborative development of strategic hydrogen initiatives to enable energy self-sufficiency and help to achieve our common environmental goals in Europe and minimise carbon emissions from different industries.

Pawel Seremak, Project manager

Towards supporting EU hydrogen strategy

For Europe, this project strongly supports the EU’s hydrogen strategy and the REPowerEU plan, reducing the reliance on Russian energy imports. The project helps to achieve EU climate goals, such as the EU’s Green Deal program and the Fit for 55, paving the way to a new sustainable economy. 

The official signing ceremony at special reception at EUSBSR – EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region in Riga, marks start of Baltic Sea Region Hydrogen Council project.

join us?

  • Explore new transnational value chains 
  • Prepare for large-scale hydrogen storage 
  • Unlocking the potential of cross-sectoral applications 
  • Collaborate on policy issues 
  • Competence transfer to Ukraine 
  • Leverage from the eight partners extensive network and relationships through match making and networking opportunities 
  • Raise awareness for your low carbon emission projects, technologies and products for the European hydrogen market
  • Benefit from activities arranged by the Baltic Sea Region Hydrogen Council including facilitating B2B roundtables and networking with other participants in the Baltic Sea region  
  • Granted access to certificate of partnership issued by the Baltic Sea Region Hydrogen Council 

Who should participate in the Baltic Sea Region Hydrogen Council? 

This exclusive network is meant for ambitious actors from across the fossil-free hydrogen value chain, wanting to reach senior industry figures and decision makers, attend high-value meetings, and strengthen hydrogen chains with Baltic Sea Region and Ukraina energy markets. 



Pawel Seremak, Project Manager Baltic Sea Region Hydrogen Council